At Custom T-Shirt Outfitters we have experienced printers that produce all types of  garments. Your finished  product  is not only a reflection of your business but ours. We are proud to stand behind our workmanship and provide outstanding customer satisfaction. We have tested all the screen printing inks available and we use Plastisol inks as they produce a high quality print. Our prints are not what you would find in a department store. They are a much higher quality. They do not crack or chip off. We do not use iron on designs. As a result, our prints are guaranteed and with proper care and washing, should last well beyond the life of the garment. From our minimum order of only 1  piece to 10,000 pieces or more, we provide the experience you need to develop your garment.

Direct To Garment (DTG)

DTG printing is a solution for small quantities and can also be a source of exclusive products that are not easily replicated.  Popular products which can be printed are ceramic coasters, bags, mouse pads, Converse shoes, and of course t-shirts (apparel must be 100% cotton)!  Printing is done with water base inks which give a very soft feel and  gets even better with washing.  Artwork charges may apply.  Call us for a quote!

Screen-printing Process

  1. Design and Produce Art

    It all begins with an idea brought to us by our customer. Our artists can either make customized designs or recreate a logo for your garment on a computer-generated version. Once the artwork is approved, the artist then uses a process called color separation. Each color of the artwork will have its own screen.
  2. Preparing the Screens

    The production screen-printer coats screens with photosensitive emulsion. The printed artwork is attached to the coated screen then placed in a unit that exposes it to ultra-violet light. The ultraviolet light burns the design into the screen, removing the emulsion to let ink come through the screen. This is very important to get the best screen-printing results.
  3. Screen-Printing

    To begin this process, the press is loaded with the t-shirt printing screens. Ink colors are then poured onto the proper screen. Once the t-shirt is loaded properly the printer lowers the screen and pulls the ink across it with a rubber screen-printing squeegee, which allows the design to be transferred onto the shirt. The t-shirt is then removed and placed on a belt that runs under a special dryer. This dryer will cure the ink, allowing the t-shirt to be immediately worn.


Custom T-Shirt Outfitters can create custom embroidered caps, golf polos, and t-shirts with your custom design or logo. Embroidered monograms and personalizations are a great way to customize t-shirts, polos, denim and dress shirts. Our staff can even embroider on screen printed t-shirts and polos. We digitize your custom design or business logo for a one-time fee to get your order started. We are happy to begin your minimal order of 12 garments today (minimum 48 for caps).